What does George Floyd’s death really exemplify?


There is a war of sorts raging in this country right now.  I’m not talking about the pandemic, which is another war unto itself.  Nor am I talking about a race war or class war; rather, I’m referring to a War of Ideology. 

The protests following George Floyd’s death have little to do with police brutality, even though that’s how they started. Floyd was already edging towards death on an overdose of Fentanyl and Meth. Floyd was also a criminal. So this, especially, shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all of police brutality cases.

Problem is, this doesn’t fit the narrative. BLM was just itching for an excuse, and the Left needed a starting point, so Floyd’s death became just that. Add in Ben Crump, the shyster lawyer for the Floyd family who rambled off a long list of dead blacks he was immortalizing for the sake of the narrative (as he was no doubt looking to pad his storehouse of bling in which he was dripping during his street briefing cum sham kneel-down-and-pray exhibition with Floyd’s son at the scene of the crime), and, well, the rest is history.

But all this posturing isn’t endemic to the War of Ideology.  That war is based in the riots, those which first blossomed out of the protests but only began when the sun went down and the mob emerged.  It kind of reminded me of the Darkseekers in I am Legend, with their overarching ferocity and single-mindedness (death and destruction).  The riots were fueled by none other than Black Lives Matter and Antifa, both violent gangs which hijacked the protests for their own gain, that being to stir civil unrest.  And why?  Well, think of the impression that nation-wide turbulence makes in an election year.  Couple that with a high COVID-19 count and an impacted economy, and you’ve hit the trifecta of election-year liabilities. This is a train the Left will ride all the way to the polls, or rather, to the mailbox with their mail-in ballots.

The Darkseekers

Black Lives Matter is an extension of the Black Panthers, but their main objective today is revolution.  They call themselves a “human rights movement,” but they aren’t.  Neither are they disenfranchised blacks looking for social justice.  They are a Marxist organization; hence the reason George Soros has financed them at the tune of $1.7 million-plus.  Sure, they harbor an overall anger at whites and black injustice, and they hate the police.  In fact, they chant:   “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.  Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.  What do we want?  Dead Cops now.  What do we want?  Dead Cops now.”  You could certainly call BLM racist; they don’t like whites, except for their white “allies,” though they are incidental to their purpose even though they make an effective ruse.  For all their racism, you won’t see the Leftist media condemning them.  They are overlooked because the Left needs to cling to their double standard.

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Black Lives Matter

As to Antifa, according to The Federalist, Antifa is “mostly made up of privileged white dudes,” though I’m not sure they’re what the Washington Post characterizes as “nurses, teachers, neighbors, and relatives . . . who do not hesitate to put themselves on the line.”  If there’s one thing the riots have shown, it’s the need for this demographic (Privileged White Dudes) to cling to something in their vapid, meaningless lives, while feeding their apologetic mindset from years of ideological brainwashing in Liberal colleges as they push forth their agenda.  What is that agenda?  Well, nothing more than an extension of a Vietnam-era fight against The Man, later manifested in the militant Weather Underground, and then the more benign Occupy Wall Street.  Sure as hell seems as if Lefties have ants in their pants in every corner of the world, and they won’t ever stop. The Socialist agenda is like a cancer on any nation it infects, and it eventually metastasizes, as we’re seeing in our own nation now and around the globe.

Antifa, like their predecessors and all Socialists, want to see our systems of government dismantled, including an end to capitalism and its greedy corporations, as well as those who maintain the system, such as law enforcement.  They also want to do away with our history and our traditions as a nation. It all lines up with their Socialist ideology. And they’ll use any means to feed their malady. They are violent, though their literature encourages followers to “pursue lawful protest activity.”  Uh-huh.  For a scattered group, they have managed to work in tandem, arriving on site fully equipped, outfitted in new uniforms with truckloads of munitions in the waiting.  That costs money, and Privileged White Dudes don’t have it, not like that.  Who does?  Who funds Antifa?  Well, if you want a chuckle, just do an Internet search on “Who funds Antifa.”  You might just get this:

There is no evidence that ANYONE is “funding” Antifa. There are no membership lists or requirements. It even seems likely that many of the masked “Antifa” demonstrators are conservative provocateurs trying (and failing) to make The Left look as bad as The Right.

Right.  Thanks, Big Tech.

It’s no surprise that Antifa is also funded by George Soros, under a charity called Alliance for Global Justice, backed by Open World Society.  Read those titles once more, slowly; really let it sink in.  Soros is the Wizard behind the curtain who remains unseen, his fingers stirring every pot. He’ll do anything to push forth his ideology of a New World Order, one run by a Progressive, Socialist Left.  He’s the Supreme Leader of the War of Ideology.

George Floyd’s death, and the protests that followed, became the catalyst for white, anarchic rebellion, and an excuse, really.  To try to smokescreen it all, the Leftist media had to stir up a plot line that it was White Supremacists posing as Antifa.  As if.  Bad enough the Left blinds us with their fakery on just about anything Rightist, but this mendacity takes the cake.

Point is, the riots weren’t really about race.  After all, just like whites, black people were murdered too.  You’d think if it did involve race, not a single black person would suffer, but they have.  A group of thugs let a black retired cop die like a dog on the sidewalk after shooting him for protecting a pawn shop they were hankering to loot.  And he was one of a few.

No, this is nothing more than a fight over ideology coupled with a lawlessness borne out COVID-19 stagnancy and white debauchery.  We can only hope more sane heads prevail, and George Soros quietly goes away, though something tells me the Devil will keep him in play a while longer.

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The Wizard himself

China: The menace of the world

China is, and has been for decades, a threat to the United States, and our leadership before Trump has blissfully ignored it.
Through underhanded tactics, hacks and spies they have shown their desire to surpass and destroy the U.S. They’ve tried sneaking onto our military bases. They have been ramping up cyber-espionage efforts in the U.S. There was even a Chinese woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago! They’ve held a grip on drug manufacturing, leaving America now vulnerable. They’ve stolen trade secrets via Huawei. They have pilfered proprietary information, bribed our colleges, and fueled the opioid epidemic through Fentanyl, which is killing countless Americans. Who’s to say this virus isn’t another tactic, after having originated at one of the two biolabs in Wuhan. Is this the Christmas present Kim Jong Un was talking about? After all, he’s in cahoots with China.

The Chinese believe the world is truly their oyster, and they are out to grab it at any cost. They waste animals, such as rhinos, donkeys, and tigers, for hangover remedies, beauty treatments, and medicinal purposes; they kill sharks only for their fins; they continue to eat dogs and cats and delight in their filthy wet markets; and they consume microbe-carrying animals, such as bats, rats, snakes, and civets (responsible for the transmission of SARS). In China’s eyes, “Animals live for man.” The short of it is, China takes what China wants.

china wet market1

Tucker Carlson of Fox News has been on a rampage about the Chinese for weeks, and he’s right. In a statement in mid-March, he said, “We need to start treating China like the dangerous Cold War-level adversary it has clearly become.” This is all too true. How do we know this pandemic wasn’t by design? After all, the U.S. was doing phenomenally well economically, and the president had been frustrating much of the China’s end-goals, restructuring trade, blocking Huawei, and trying to pull back manufacturing to the U.S., to name just some of the efforts. Let us not forget China’s lies surrounding this pandemic: They didn’t inform the WHO about this for months; they have been withholding numbers and facts; they disallowed American scientists to investigate the illness in their nation; they kicked out the journalists; and many of their whistle-blowers are “disappearing.” Can’t say this doesn’t look dubious.

There is too much about China to ignore, and yet our Leftist media continue to prop up the Chinese in some attempt at virtue signaling, or worse. Instead, we ought to view the totalitarian regime as very dangerous, rather them hold them up as a paragon of value. I wonder if Google still continues to work with them while refusing our American military. I also wonder when America is going to stop Chinese “birth tourism,” where last year up to 10,000 Chinese babies were born on American soil, so-called “anchor babies,” conferring dual citizenship on them.

Nations ought to rethink the influx not just of Muslim migrants, but also of Chinese. Take, for example, Italy. A point worth noting is whether Italy got slammed from the Coronavirus because of its immense Chinese population, which would, naturally, necessitate travel to and from China. Why? Because many of them work in, and even own, portions of Italy’s textile industry. According to The Economist, they “import cheap fabrics, mainly from China, and [turn] them into fashion garments at lightning speed to keep up with fast-changing styles.” This might be why you see countless advertisements in the U.S. for sites containing what looks like high-end, quality clothing that turn out to be horrid knockoffs that you can’t return. Do an Internet search of the complaints on innumerable Chinese clothing companies, such as Nora Cora, whose advertisements are ubiquitous.

In short, the Chinese are everywhere and everywhere is becoming Chinese, due to offshore manufacturing. We ought to think long and hard about giving China so much presence. Could it be, as one poster wrote on a site I visited recently, “world domination without firing a shot”? Sounds about right. Another poster wrote: “The army of horsemen numbered two hundred million. I heard their number” Revelation 9:16. And, let us not forget Nostradamus’ prediction: “The yellow race will inherit the earth.” Something to consider in light of the current situation, and the New World Order China is grasping at.

china wet market2

The Left, in the time of Coronavirus.


When we experience times of strife, especially that which is as unprecedented and critical as the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s the moment when the wheat splits from the chaff. In this instance, the wheat is represented by those responsibly attending to the crisis, and the chaff amounts to American media and Democratic leaders.

In a time like this, we need resiliency and hope. Every day has been, and still remains, a nightmare for many of our healthcare workers.  In late March and early April, daily news broadcasts brought us frightening numbers, and they’re still frightening in some areas.  Images on TV looked like something out of an apocalyptic film. And for many of us, we can’t help but wonder if the next time we step out of the house we aren’t signing our death warrant. It’s a little like Russian Roulette.  As such, this is a time for psychological and spiritual unity. And yet, oddly, the media still refuse to relent in their ongoing attacks on the president and his administration. They squawk their ire like mindless mouthpieces bent on pursuing their Anti-Trump agenda no matter what; and they challenge him directly. CNN’s Jim Acosta is constantly pressing Trump on whether he acted soon enough, even though he banned flights from China with immediacy, for which he was called a racist; and NBC’s Peter Alexander browbeat the president over whether he was doing enough to quell fears; meanwhile, the president has been running press briefings daily to do just that—provide information and offer hope. But, as is usual with the Left, in a panic over the rise in the president’s popularity, some were calling for their networks to stop covering his press briefings, comparing them to Trump rallies. A rally? Really? Then I suppose that’s exactly the tactic of Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is presumed, now, to be a potential candidate for the presidency.

Worse, the Democrats are using this time to meet their own greedy demands.  In an effort at partisan gamesmanship, Nancy Pelosi padded Phase 3 of the legislation initiated to help American citizens and small businesses with funding for the Green New Deal, solar wind energy, and union wish list proposals, not to mention the $25 million they did manage to coerce the Republicans to accept, such as $25 million to the Kennedy Center, $75 million to the National Endowment for the Arts/Humanities, and other pet projects. Fortunately, Rep. Bryan Steil (R) is introducing a bill to have that payment stopped, considering the Kennedy Center has laid off staff.

Pelosi has essentially held the Congress hostage just to sneak in big pork at a time when our nation is in crisis. She also did it with Phase 1 of the legislation, when she tried to get abortion funding. People are succumbing daily to a deadly virus, and Pelosi felt compelled to leave her gated community with her gourmet ice-cream-stocked fridge to fly to Washington to ensure people could still continue the slaughter of unborn humans. Some of the push came from Rep. Jim Clyburn (D), recognizing that legislation in the trillions isn’t likely to come by again in their lifetimes. Then she held off on the addition funds for small businesses, yet said on one Lefty network that it was the president who held it up.  Blatant lies!  And don’t think this is over. The Dems are now pushing for the inclusion of “green” priorities if there is a Phase 4 funding bill, all in an effort to advance their progressive agenda. How selfish.


And while Governor Cuomo has been amply demonstrating his leadership skills daily, there have been some pitfalls. He was caught hording ventilators while reprimanding the president for not getting enough to him, and he put restrictions on a drug (hydroxychloroquine) that could possibly save many lives; meanwhile, thousands in the City of New York have become infected and are dying. And in yet another underhanded attempt to triumph in 2020, Democrats are using fear to increase “vote by mail” schemes, which they’ve already succeeded in doing in California and Oregon, expanding opportunities for voter fraud. Don’t tell me this isn’t part of an insidious scheme; after all, they’ve spent nearly three and half years showing that they must win at all costs.

The icing on the cake is the attempt, courtesy of Schiff and Pelosi, to target the president by instituting a House Committee to oversee his COVID-19 response, enabling them to subpoena documents. Watch them ask for his tax returns. I don’t think there’s been anything more flagrant in an attempt to dismantle a leader’s governance, except perhaps the Duke of Warwick’s systematic pursuit of England’s King Edward III in the ongoing Wars of the Roses.  Warwick tried three times, first with the deposed king (Henry VI), then Edward’s own greedy brother (not Richard III who, upon Edward’s death, imprisoned and then killed Edward’s first and second heirs (12 and 10, respectively), but rather George Plantagenet), and finally the former queen (Margaret D’Anjou). If you think shit like this isn’t real, just look at history.  That’s the real game of thrones.

But we live in a Republic, not a monarchy, and this isn’t the Middle Ages.  And so the Left has had to squirm and writhe, and plot and plan, in their effort to unseat Trump.  The Democrats are tenacious; I’ll give them that, as is their fierce leader, Queen Nancy, but that tenacity, and more their avarice, will  be their downfall.

The Euphemisms of the Left

The other day I came across a news post reporting that Susan Sarandon’s recent injury would preclude her from attending a Sanders event in New Hampshire.  Tsk, tsk.  As she notified her adoring public via Instagram, she also issued a call to action, stating that, “This is an emergency.”  My curiosity peaked, and duly bolstered by her appearance, I read on, desirous to uncover this “emergency.”  She continued, “Ask the scientists, the farmers, the creatures in the sea.  Ask all those who have lost their homes from hurricanes, flood and fire, ask the endless stream of climate refugees, and the people of Flint, San Juan, and Standing rock.”  She added in the opioid epidemic, gun violence, the prison system, and homophobia (along with all the other phobias the Left now lump together, a la Hillary Clinton).  It was a cauldron of information, such that my brain was flying in alternate directions trying to mete out the substance from the steam; in other words:  fact from fiction, real problem from social issue.

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This is a perfect example of the way the Left works, lumping together all social ills—ills which often plague most societies regardless of economic standing in the world—and then, of course, pointing blame.  I’m not going to waste precious time countering Sarandon by writing about the very good state of the economy, what President Trump is doing for prison reform and the opioid epidemic, the fact that gun violence is more a mental health issue or one of economics than a gun issue, or that the Flint situation was the result of a shift from the water sources of Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the lead-contaminated Flint River.  Nor do I need to state the obvious:  that hurricanes, floods, and fires do occur regularly around the globe, and always have, contrary to what she might believe.  Still, none of that was as effective in engendering a reaction in me than the phrase:  “climate refugees.”  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard the term, but it was enough to repulse me.

I’m currently getting through Victor Davis Hanson’s fabulous book, “The Case for Trump.”  In it, he addresses the evolution, only recently, of the term “illegal alien,” once the technical legal term for non-citizens not holding green cards or visas.  Interestingly, the term has morphed from “illegal alien,” to “illegal immigrant,” then onto “undocumented immigrant,” and finally “undocumented migrant,” before it’s new incarnation, which I’ve only recently discovered and which Sarandon obviously favors:  “climate refugee.”  Clearly, someone who coined this phrase bypassed the word migrant altogether in lieu of refugee, painting a more “desperate” picture. There are many more incarnations of the phrase, too numerous to keep the reader engaged.  Unremarkably, Julian Castro has introduced legislation to change the legal term to “undocumented foreign national.”  Evidently, he believes “illegal alien” is too offensive.  I wonder whether it’s the word illegal he doesn’t favor, or alien.

This example alone demonstrates the irrationality of the Left.  Not only can’t they see in their limited interpretation that human beings unauthorized to live on U.S. soil are, in fact, illegal, and are required to undergo a process in order to enter the country (not to mention what rampant illegal crossings have been doing and will further do to this nation), but they additionally are compelled to alter the language in order to make the concept of illegals streaming to the border in overrun caravans more palatable.  Even more outlandish is the effort to associate the illegals with climate change.  No longer migrants who are, according to them, just seeking work in America, they are now refugees escaping conditions supposedly caused, not by the previous excuse of persecution or conflict, but rather the change in weather.  Call it a simplistic viewpoint, but isn’t it, after all?

The Left does have a fondness for terminology, and they place value on language revision as a means to further their goals and amass recruits to their agenda. This, in truth, was the thrust of the PC movement before it morphed into that which is beyond words:  thoughts, behavior, and anything else they want molded to their idiosyncratic ideology, such as all of society.   Take for example the recent alteration of “quid pro quo” to the much-researched  “bribery,” a term the Democrats’ focus group found more egregious.  It shines the mirror on their ridiculousness, and yet their hypocrisy is rendered clear because just as the Left often reject connotations—for any number of bloated reasons, such as they’re patriarchal or they cause offense—they do employ connotations at will because accurate descriptions of things both tangible and intangible might just steer more perceptive listeners away from their grand design; that being:  complete CONTROL.


The Migrant Creep

Recently, Tucker Carlson aired yet another segment addressing the migrant crisis.  In it, he added that there’s been a flood of African migrants from nations like Cameroon, Congo, and Angola.  According to Fox News, since May 30, nearly 500 African migrants have been apprehended at the Mexican border.  Some have passed through several countries in order to get here, though how and with what funds confounds me.  Where are these migrants looking to settle?  Well, according to Carlson, it’s in, of all places, states like Maine.

I moved to Maine in November of 2018, and I don’t regret to say, eight months later, that I’m leaving.  I fled Western Massachusetts owing to its hippie-like Northampton culture, accompanied by a giant dose of Smith College and U-Mass gray-haired liberals, coupled with a generous sprinkling of welfare-dependent Puerto Ricans.  I got to Maine, to a town just 12 miles north of Portland, and what do I encounter daily?  Aside from the nouveau-hipsters:  A bunch of gray-haired, Subaru-driving liberals, accompanied by a smattering of Africans who stand out against the whiteness of Mainers, not to mention numerous Muslims adorned in traditional garb.  This is the migrant creep of New England, and it’s telling.  In Maine, it’s bad enough the incongruence of these new cultures amidst the truck-driving, plain-spoken everyday-ness of typical Mainers.  But the question is:  Is it really fair?  Maine, like any rural state, is comprised largely of English and other European immigrants, and indigenous peoples.  Now?  Well, it’s up for grabs, like every other corner of the U.S., thanks to the aforementioned Liberals who have created their own creep in this largely conservative state.  Now, it’s the migrants.  I don’t disdain immigrants, but a forced influx of illegals owing to a crisis overrunning our nation is abhorrent in so many ways and for so many reasons.

Thing is, the liberal Left can’t help themselves, and yet they fail to see what their agenda creates, like Frankenstein’s monster who couldn’t see beyond the “now” of his immediate desire to create.  Drive into Portland, and the blatantness of its transformation is clear.  This is New England Liberalville 101.  As you enter, you’re assaulted visually by the bevy of heroin addicts laid out in the park, coupled with able-bodied sign-holders panhandling just a stone’s throw from Whole Foods and Trader Joes.  Drive further, and you’re accosted by every single “type” that has appeared in a Subaru commercial or who look like they work at Google, Facebook, or Twitter.  Then there’s the migrants looking as if they arrived fresh off of Obama’s generosity, acting as if they own the place.  And yet, for a town that once harbored a reputation for American industrial greatness, it now leaves little to the imagination.  For all it’s “foodie” repute, nothing charms.  There’s very little that’s pretty here, and many of the eateries are either too small, too dirty, difficult to get into, overly expensive, or floating on a reputation when they should have long ago faltered. After a long wait, once you’re in, you encounter the world of wool hats, stretched ears, tattoos, piercings, man buns, and patchouli.  Even then, I confess I’ve had more “meh” meals than great.  So much for Bon Appetit’s 2018 best “foodie town” award.  It’s telling when there are Starbucks here, and yet the Starbucks phenomenon hasn’t  stirred urban growth.

I would seriously like to know how Liberals really feel knowing that their own Subaru-driving, man-bun wearing enclave will soon be diluted owing to their immigration munificence.  Just as it’s happening to the conservative white-man culture they so disdain, it’s happening to theirs.  Their Kumbaya-Utopia fantasy will never come about, but they can’t see it because they can’t learn from history, since history is so frightening to revisit, and their socialist, globalist, bureaucratic goals are too enticing to let go of.  Perhaps if they could just get Obama back, they could then feel good again as they are cleansed  of their white sins while he apologizes for America, feeds the bureaucratic machine, and browns America.

We could stop it if enough of us understood that success in our nation derives from the prevailing of tradition, and with that means assimilation into the culture, not into other cultures or one melted pot (which, like socialism, will never work).  But there are many who don’t care.  Regardless, one thing is for sure, if Trump doesn’t succeed, we’re as doomed as Europe.


Four reasons why the new liberal agenda is dangerous

There’s a problem with the liberal agenda.  Not only is it hypocritical, finger-pointing, and often absurd, it’s also dangerous . . . very dangerous.

To wit:

1. Their love of Muslims

The fact that three Muslim women now hold positions in our U.S. Congress is unmistakably dangerous.  No single individual who harbors any disdain for the United States or our allies (e.g., Israel) should be working in our government, especially in high offices and, most particularly, serving on the Foreign Affairs Committee!  Muslims who don’t espouse our values will fight against us; it’s just how they work, and already we see the push-back and the efforts to reform our cultural values.  Even worse than the loud-mouths, however, are those anti-America Muslims discretely infiltrating the nation.  It’s no mistake that Obama’s administration allotted over 800,000 green cards to migrant Muslims in six years of his presidency, according to Dept. of Homeland statistics.  It is estimated it might have reached 1 million by the end of his two terms.  Undoubtedly, more than one of those has an anti-American agenda.

This is how Islam will win.  Not by flying planes into buildings, nor by driving trucks into pedestrians:  Just a slow, steady penetration, followed by a shift in leadership and a change in the cultural mindset.  Congress is one such place where this will show to be most egregious.  Our educational institutions are another.  If you haven’t taken a look at the Creeping Sharia blog, it’s time you do.  It addresses, among other salient points, the indoctrination of Muslim ideals through liberal textbooks, and the naïve inclinations of liberal teachers and staff who advance the Islamic agenda.

I do not lie when I recount that in 1986, when I met a friend’s boyfriend for the first time—a Muslim from Pakistan, he had the audacity to confess that Muslims were slowly infiltrating the U.S. with one agenda.  In my folly I negated it and insisted it will never happen.  Well, it’s happening.  Liberals think voting Muslims into office is all part of their Kumbaya-unicorn-utopian paradigm, but that “diversity” blueprint is just another way our nation and its culture is eroding, only one day to be extinguished.  If they were worried about Russians, they ought to be more vexed about Muslims they’re embracing.



2. Their adoration with Socialism

Thanks to the hypocrite Bernie Sanders, socialism is now front and center in American politics.  With freshman upstarts like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, socialism is now a fundamental principle of the cleaving Democrat party.  Our core American beliefs are being challenged by ideologues, some of whom, like Sanders, are part of the post-Woodstock counterculture that divisively sought to buck society, rebel against traditional Make-America-Venezuelavalues, and foster a new collectivistic idealism, one based in false egalitarianism and socialist ideals.  Now Millennials are embracing it.

But the problem lies in the fact that they are just that:  ideals.  Put socialism into practice, and one need only see that the political ideology doesn’t work well on paper.  Just ask Venezuelans and Cubans.  Oh, and to all those trying to find a model example, Sweden is not socialist.  Even China, once considered communist, has crept towards authoritarian capitalism.

Societies work well in hierarchies, as flawed as they can be.  They enable production and invention, cultivate talent and opportunity, and foster free enterprise.  If the U.S. veers Left, American money will be rationed away until only the ruling elite get to eat their cake and have it too.  Say goodbye to your freedom and your cozy standard of living, and get ready to start standing in line, and long ones at that.  Oh, and zip your trap as you weather the transition lest the military police put you behind bars (that is, if China doesn’t take over first, then you’ll just be executed).

3. Their fascist agenda

Yes, you read that correctly.  Leftists embrace a fascist agenda.  How do they do that?  Well, fascists, by definition, have no tolerance for positions that oppose their ideologies. Leftist fascists disrupt peaceful Right-wing protests.  They also block free speech by denying speakers like Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, and Milo Yiannopoulos, because God forbid conservatives try to penetrate American universities, those bastions of liberal inculcation.  The Left even resort to aggression.  Though their name suggests otherwise, Antifa operate as fascists would:  through violence and intimidation, shutting down or disrupting speeches, rioting in the streets, damaging property, and even blockading main thoroughfares, a favorite pastime of Black Lives Matter as well as Antifa, members of which went so far as to harass an old man in Portland in October of 2018, chasing him down, bashing his car, and calling him a white supremacist, all because he took a left turn.  Meanwhile, the Portland police had their hands tied by a Leftist city government.

Just because of a red hat, people on the Right get punched in the face, get harassed on field trips to Washington DC, and have guns pointed at them among countless merciless crimes, and it’s okay in their skewed minds because somehow that red hat equates with the hooded hat of the KKK . .  only because that’s what the Left has been selling as their narrative to their desperate, mindless masses.  As if President Trump’s America parallels the convictions that produced lynchings and segregation.  If anyone desires segregation today, it’s the Left—just look at all the black-only zones emerging in U.S. colleges.

Instead of being afraid of a red hat, they ought to look at what President Trump has been doing for America, but they’re too scared to take a peek, lest they are transformed.  I see “Don’t believe the hype” signs on social media as another way to reinforce their agenda, make sure Trump’s successes aren’t, well, trumping their grand design; they ought to step back and see where the “hype” is really originating, in the Leftist message, passed on by whack-job media pundits and politicians who sell their souls every day to push their false truths.

Getting back to the fascists, after an April 2017 skirmish with Trump supporters, there was an exchange on Reddit among Antifa members about how they could make their “protests” more impactful.  It shows one poster, aptly titled “anarchist,” referring to their members as “comrades” as he laments their lack of “training.”  The string goes on to address a need for better “tactical organization,” stating that they ought to get “more Antifa [members] armed.” Another poster stated that the Right was mostly armed, and asked, “Why aren’t we?” then continued on, stating that “even handguns would help.”  This from the side that largely opposes the Second Amendment.  An unnamed poster posited:  “Isn’t using violence to silence opposing voices a form of fascism?” whereby the response was: “oh god not this shit again.”  Yes, the truth hurts.

The danger of the Left lies in their uncompromising resistance to everything Trump.  If it’s not groups like Antifa doing their (silent) bidding (since when have you heard a Democrat politician come out against Antifa?), it’s a Bernie supporter shooting congressmen at baseball practice.  (And we still don’t know the motive of that Las Vegas shooter who killed 58 people and injured another 527 at a country music event, which is oddly suspicious in itself.)  It’s also in that omnipotent institution:  the media, much of which is operated by Leftist corporations.  They all wake up each day to the nightmare that Trump is president, and swear to do their part in the Resistance.

It’s funny how the Left is exceptionally good at projection.  They call everyone exactly what they, themselves, represent.  For example, they like to call President Trump “Hitler,” and reference him as an autocratic dictator (this of the man who hugged the American flag at CPAC; I seriously wonder if any Democrat would hug the American flag!). But just take a look at this phrase from Hitler.  Enough said!


4. Toppling of American ideals

Nothing has become more evident since the last presidential election than the rising epidemic of hate for anything uniquely American.  As part of their Resistance movement, the Left’s agenda is to dispense with American ideals, erase American history, and form a new culture based on their bogus utopian idealism.  Anything that is a “monument” (literally and figuratively) to our past is wicked, and so the focus turns to the negatives of American history.  They literally seek to expunge anything that made America great because they can’t stomach the notion of making it great again.  They topple statuary, look to re-name Columbus Day, repaint our Founding Fathers only as slave owners and oppressors, and hold nothing from our past in esteem.  It’s Liberal Revisionist History.  They reinforce this narrative over and over again.  Nothing and no one that is staunchly “American” holds any value, most particularly the American White Male, and they continue to diminish the white male anywhere they can.  Just watch commercial TV for an hour and pay attention to the ads.  White men are either dorks, or need the astute guidance of women or blacks.  It’s very evident.

And if someone or some group doesn’t agree with the Left or conform to their dictates, they happily pidgeonhole them.  They constantly adhere to tribal allegiance and race, and yet pin the racist label on anyone with a divergent point of view.  Instead of critical thinking, we get emotional hysteria.  Facts no longer matter, only what they feel about things, and everyone needs a safe space from it all.  Instead of embracing the mindset of early Americans—the Emersonian “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” ideal, or the Calvinist ideals of hard work in shaping Colonial America—people are being told what to think, and how to feel about it all.  The Left are the Thought Police, the PC Police, the Cultural-appropriation Police, and the Behavior Police.  They force conservatives out of restaurants, storm the halls of Congress to harass Republicans, and paint one consistent portrait of the depravity of Right-wing ideals, including our most perplexing obsession with a child’s right to life and the prevention of infanticide.  They despise the American values of liberty and independence, as they yearn for a new non-American Collective, one without borders and with no one to administer law (since they also despise ICE and all manner of law enforcement).

In short, in the mindset of the American Left, it’s “my way or the highway.”  Only they are right and only they “speak truth,” to borrow a phrase from that angry big-mouth, Rashida Tlaib, defending the other angry big-mouth, Ilhan Omar.  And, by golly, they are going to scratch and claw their way to victory, taking the President and the country down with them. If that isn’t dangerous, I don’t know what is.


What Kiera Knightly got wrong

Kiera Knightly announced recently on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she instituted a ban on certain Disney movies in her home, disallowing her daughter from watching films like Cinderella and The Little Mermaid.  Kristen Bell also jumped on board, slamming Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Bell, incidentally, lent her voice to the highly acclaimed Frozen, a Disney film I found to be too convoluted for kids, and significantly tedious for adults.

SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, Snow White, Prince Charming, 1937

Knightly’s reasoning for the ban for a film like Cinderella is that, “she waits around for a rich guy to rescue her,” followed by the advice to “Rescue yourself!”  As to The Little Mermaid, Knightly cautioned:  “Do not give your voice up for a man.  Hello!” For Bell, it was the audaciousness of Prince Charming kissing the sleeping Snow White, sans consent, that drove her off the edge.

I take issue with these comments on numerous counts, but I’m only going to address two, the first being that what these women, and many Leftist feminists like them, fail to comprehend is that fairy tales are allegories; they teach lessons in morality, aside from being a source of entertainment, fantasy, and escapism, for kids and adults.  I can’t deny that I love them, especially the musicals.  Beauty and the Beast, for example, depicts the female lead, Belle, shunning the arrogant and conceited Gaston for the boorish Beast.  Belle fearlessly tames the Beast (note that, feminists!), thereby freeing him to regain his gentlemanly demeanor, while he opens her up to a world of books and a new experience away from the mundanity of village life.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.  Snow White illustrates the hazards of vanity and selfish desire, as depicted in the evil Queen. The same can be said for the usurping and wicked stepmother in Cinderella.


As to Bell’s comment, the Mermaid didn’t give her voice up for a man; she gave it up for the lure of an eternal soul.  Yes, she longed for the prince, but he was incidental considering eternity is what she got in the end.  Indeed, Bell overlooked the fact that the Mermaid—a female—actually rescued the prince—a male—from drowning.  Isn’t that a characterization of feminine strength?  Clearly not enough.

The second issue, and most pertinent that these women and their cause fail to see, is something called historical context.  Knightly should understandKnightly historical context considering her film The Duchess, in which she portrayed Georgiana Spencer, an ancestor of Princess Diana’s.  Georgiana, “G” as they called her, was married off at seventeen to the Duke of Devonshire, a known philanderer who eventually had a long-standing affair with G’s friend, Bess, after the Duchess naively invited her to cohabitate with them (they married after her death).  Eventually, the neglected Duchess had her own affair with Charles Grey who would go on to become Prime Minister of the U.K. (incidentally, Earl Grey tea was named for him).  Before G’s husband cruelly forced them apart, she had gone off to the country to have Grey’s child, whom she was compelled to relinquish to Grey, lest she lose her children with the Duke (one of whom was actually the Duke’s daughter from another woman).  If Knightly wants to discuss female victimization at the hands of a man, I’d say it was the character she aptly portrayed.

What context has to do with it is that a story like Cinderella, which was written in 1667, enjoys film adaptations that take place anywhere from the 18th to the 19th centuries.  Just look at her ball gown and the fact that they ride horses.  It certainly isn’t present day! The same can be said for Beauty and the Beast, a story written in the 18th century.  Between Belle’s gown and the Beast’s attire, the period is crystal clear.  Snow White emerges during the late Middle Ages, and The Little Mermaid was written in 1836.


What does this mean?  One thing and one thing only.  If it seems as if men have to rescue women in these stories, it is because they often did.  Throughout the ages, until women were able to take up work in the mid-19th century, they relied on their husbands for financial security and safety.  If you lacked the prospects for a respectable marriage for whatever reason (hidden away by a cruel stepmother, or living as a humble villager with only an arrogant narcissist to woo you, or cohabitating with dwarfs in the woods, or as a mermaid longing for the vibrancy of life above water), you had limited choices, especially once your parents passed on.  Your only hope was the fantasy of being rescued by some nobleman who could provide a better life.  That is the point.

If only women like Kiera Knightly could use such films as springboards for instruction, it would be a win-win situation for her daughter and all children.  But considering how the Leftist mindset works—striving to erase history and all historical context rather than use them as teachable opportunities—it’s no wonder they paint these films with a broad brush of chauvinism and male domination.


The U.S. today is like England in the 17th century, only worse

It was sometime after Henry VIII met Anne Boleyn in 1526 when Tudor England grew fraught with division.  You see, Anne, who was history’s biggest Tease-Whore, held out until King Henry embraced the Protestant Reformation, enabling him to divorce Katherine of Aragon and marry her, thus changing England’s political and religious landscape for good, though not without the strife that he and his successors endured.  Henry’s reign wavered between Protestantism and Catholicism following Anne’s notorious beheading and his subsequent numerous marriages, though the country remained largely Protestant.  After his son and successor, Edward, died at 19, and following the short nine-day reign of his cousin, Lady Jane Grey, which led to her beheading at just 15, Henry’s daughter with elizKatherine, Mary, ascended the throne.  Once at the helm, she promptly reinstated Catholicism and began a brutal campaign against Protestants, burning hundreds at the stake and earning herself the name “Bloody Mary.”  Upon her death five years later, her half-sister, Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn, succeeded her and sought to make a uniform Protestant Church of England through her Religious Settlement laws.  But it was not smooth sailing, for her reign would see the break-up of many subversive Catholic Plots, including the one involving her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots, whose head she severed in 1587, following 20 years of imprisonment that began with Mary’s reckless quest for refuge in England from Scottish Protestants.  But that’s another story.

So, why the history lesson?  To draw a comparison between the England of the Tudor reign, and the America of today.  You see, England in that era produced numerous factions, not only in the form of dissenters seeking to subvert the ruling party to meet their end-goal, but also in the form of distinct divisions supporting the larger purpose, each with their own methods and objectives.  In short, once Protestantism emerged, Catholics never stopped resisting.  Sound familiar?

While we, as Americans, don’t have a religious battle on our hands, we do suffer a political and, even more, a cultural one, factors which also went hand-in-hand with England’s religious struggles.  Henry VIII was a disrupter who was often challeyesearsenged, and whose opponents, overt and covert, were quashed on the block or at the gallows; Bloody Mary was also a disrupter who, like her father, actively put down her heretical opposition, only with fire, while Elizabeth craftily commissioned a spy ring to smoke out her enemies and then apply the rule of law.  The photo to the right illustrates a close-up of a portrait of her, the eyes and ears on the fabric of her gown depicting that very spy ring.

In 1603, James I of Scotland (then the ruling King James VI of Scotland and the son of Mary, Queen of Scots) succeeded the childless Elizabeth only to suffer similar and even more complicated issues, including numerous Catholic conspiracies, the largest being the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.  His successors endured civil wars, ongoing social tensions, political discord, and continued religious division, which really didn’t get resolved until the Glorious Revolution in 1688.

The schism that divided England and encompassed well over a century of its history left a stain.  In drawing this comparison, if we look at President Trump as a disrupter—which he is, and the Left as the dissenters—which they are, we can see similarities in the seditious actions being instituted against him and his presidency.  Just like the Catholics of the time, the Left today can’t stomach, in any form, Trump’s ascendancy to the Office of the President.  They are uniformly sickened, angered, and maddened by it, turning to mob rule, riotous behavior, the defacing and defaming of historical icons, the silencing of their enemies, public outcries, and aggressive opposition.  The difference here is that the American government can’t employ the same tactics used then, because imprisoning nonconformists or quashing them though public executions are no longer tolerated.  So, through their  RESIST, OBSTRUCT, and DISRUPT campaigns, they use whatever tools they have at their disposal to fight against the powers that be, and they agitate like children resistwho can’t get their way.  They hold private meetings and public events, all designed to cull more supporters, while working their minions to call people out, in restaurants, at airports, and in the halls of Congress.  It’s disgusting.

This behavior is far more powerful than mere plots against a monarch.  Those seeking to perpetuate the agenda of the far-Left—socialism, one-party dominance, open borders, globalism, and more—are out to dismantle the America as we know it by undermining American ideals and erasing the constructs of our Founding Fathers.  And they are quietly succeeding because there are too many persons of influence helping to perpetuate these goals, such as George Soros with his sneaky tactics—like commissioning pawns to challenge senators in public, or creating his fake “Not One Penny” campaign, which seeks to undermine Trump’s tax cuts.  Then there are those individuals who won’t go away:  Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and the devil himself, Barack, who desperately seeks to take back power in order to further his cause.  Idiots like Jeff Flake, who fall into their trap, can’t see the big picture when they acquiesce to the Left.  And let’s not forget the multitude of Leftist factions, all clawing for a take-down; right now there are about 75, from anarchists to Leftist collectives just itching to see Trump fall.


This is not only ridiculous, it’s dangerous.  But because the Left rejects anything Right, Conservative, and Trumpist, they are rendered blind, and yet visionless enemies are the worst kind because they have nothing to lose.  I don’t have a solution; I only think we best take heed from England’s history, for this Alt-Left insurgency and Leftist dismantling, owing, really, to their inability to accept the current political state and their greedy desire for a New World Order, could be America’s undoing.


The bullies on the Left

Can someone please explain what is up with the anti-Trumpers and their lofty superiority?   Even more, their arrogance?  Does the mere fact that they favored the hypocrite, Bernie Sanders or, worse, the criminal that is Hillary, entitle them to such imperiousness one would think their candidate actually won?  After their collective hard cry on election night, a frosty disappointment set in, followed by the Resist movement, because acceptance is a difficult thing.


My guess is the Obama-supporting faction went one of two ways in the election:  towards Crillary and her bevy of Enterprise space suits, or towards Trump.  I am in the latter group.  Mind you, while named a “Deplorable” by the very Queen of Corruption, I don’t fit the media’s ongoing perception of what constitutes a Trump voter.  That should bestow upon me every right to speak my mind, to show the people that Trump voters aren’t really deplorable, right?  Nope.  Problem is, because of where I live (a blue state) and my prior predilection for those values that used to signify the Democrat party, I have to keep silent.  Moreover, until recently I was working as a professor, but God help me if I even hinted at supporting Trump.  I’d be stoned in the quad by colleagues and students alike.  I grew to envy those with  balls big enough to plaster Trump bumper stickers on their cars, though you don’t see those around anymore, promptly removed because the nation quickly soured against Trump, and it’s only grown worse.  Just look at Antifa.  Better yet, the underground movement of Never Trumpers in the West Wing!

What gets me more than anything is the bullying nature of those on the Left.  You see them on the news, drawn as haughty and smug talking heads, and as Resisters.  Just look at Maxine Waters, the biggest bully of them all, who calls for all sorts of opposition, and she gets it.  Resisters bully people out of restaurants and hold rally after rally shouting their ire into bullhorns and microphones.  They disrupt quiet rallies on the Right, thus thwarting their efficacy.  They try to silence our voices.  Shameful.


And it even gets personal.  I can’t “come out” of the Right-wing closet.  I’ve lost two friends so far; one after a direct email exchange in which I confessed my sin, and one after I took the wrong side on a Facebook post.  I have a third who’s just about there, a true Resister.  I don’t hear from her anymore; I think she knows my sin. And so I hide here, the one place where I’m clandestinely safe.  It’s sad, really, to think that folks are willing to toss aside friends and family because they can’t stomach the opinions of the other side; they can’t even try to see why we support our President.  Instead, they stand their ground, cheerleading every pessimistic news report and the drip, drip, drip of leaks, and lies, and books all designed to dismantle his presidency.  I wonder who might be sitting behind the curtain orchestrating it all:  Obama, Crillary?  Maybe no one.  Maybe it’s just the slow tsunami of a collective body bent on destroying America.

The idiocy of the Left

It’s a remarkable thing, trying keeping abreast of the news these days and observing how the Left continues to pursue new and interesting tactics in targeting the Right. The pundits seem to have a penchant for selecting a topic and harping on it until the beaten horse is long past recognition, and then walking away when a better, more adversative topic emerges.  Where’s Stormy Daniels and her beady-eyed lawyer these days? She’s on hold, while he takes on clients at the border and government whistle blowers.  Figures.  What about that all-intensive Russia probe? Seemingly in limbo now that the probe is being probed.  But in the media, these subjects have lost their allure, or merely their impact as impeachment-worthy topics.  At least Rachel Maddow can still cling to the immigration “crisis” as a means to weep on TV, poor thing.



But with all their efforts to RESIST, you have to feel sorry for them.  I mean, they’ve got to be pissing themselves when they wake each day and comprehend that they are no longer in the Land of the Kumbaya-Unicorn-Utopia they imagined existed under Obama.  It’s heartbreaking, for sure.  What’s even more heartbreaking is their lack of foresight.  They can’t see the real truths in the issues they support, and so perpetuate their little hypocrisies, failing to recall that there were immigration laws enforced under Obama; there were horrific mass shootings; there was divisiveness; and there were police killings of “unarmed black men” followed by executions of police officers.  Oh, and under Obama, Left-wingers enjoyed the freedom of speech-making and protesting without the duress imposed on them by masked Conservatives dressed in black and pitching homemade firebombs.  Antifa are not anarchists fighting fascism; they are fascists, trying to suppress the opposition at every turn through riots and violence, silencing the enemy.


The hypocrisy of the Left rests in everything they put their stamp on.  Take Bernie Sanders, for instance, a U.S. Senator worth around $2 million.  They nearly fell over themselves when he was a candidate for the presidency.  Had Hillary Clinton—all faux substance and intention, feigning presidential in her “Enterprise” Space Suits—lacked the clout and fiendish intent to surpass him, who knows where he’d be right now, though doubtless even he could have beaten then-candidate Trump.  But c’mon, he’s in the top one percent.  Did they really think he was interested in the Socialist platform he ran on?  Did they perceive that he wanted to share his wealth?  Certainly not.  Like most people, he likes his money.  So does his wife, who is under investigation for bank fraud, of all things, trying to line the coffers of Burlington College through a land grab for campus expansion.  That doesn’t smell of Robin Hood, but it’s got Bernie leaning centrist now.

With such intensive focus on immigration these days, it’s a wonder the Left can’t see the forest for the trees—that the argument is about the rule of law.  That’s because they listen to the Fake News media as it perpetuates a narrative based on emotional appeal, because God forbid we actually apply reason and logic.  I mean, someone please tell me whether hordes of illegals surging up from Central America would benefit this nation, while explaining how exactly that would be.  In doing so, be sure to Watersfigure in how the Left exploits undocumenteds to bolster their following, and uses racism to control the black political agenda.  Also include the hypocrisy of those who perpetuate the lies—I don’t mean the ignorant masses riding the Liberal train, I mean the Nancy Pelosis, Maxine Waters, Madonnas, Ashley Judds, and the rest of the millionaire class who enjoy the protection of body guards and the well-being of life in gated communities.  Yeah, them.  Eh, don’t get me started on Maxine the Shakeup Queen.

One need only look towards California for an illustration of the detrimental effects of the large incursion of Mexican illegals.  Never mind the illegals, in my own Northeastern state, legals are wreaking havoc.  When I recently queried the “ten worst cities,” what surfaced but a list of all those municipalities with a high populace of Puerto Ricans.  Why?  Because Massachusetts has a generous welfare policy (and under a Republican governor, no less!).  They know they can fly here lawfully, push out babies, and live like queens—being fed, housed, and clothed by the state government.  And so have babies they do, and lots of them.  But I want even one Liberal to tell me it’s a good thing when a twelve-year-old girl, while getting an ultrasound on her pregnant belly, is praying that she doesn’t lose the baby because she needs to get on the dole (true story).  Sad indeed, but they simply can’t see it, or, better yet, don’t want to.  Neither do they want to think about the families devastated by the criminality of illegals, especially gangs like MS-13.  Does Pelosi think about the horrible attacks perpetrated on our youth by these maniacs?  In the stabbings, beatings, skinnings, beheadings, and carving out of hearts and chopping up of body parts?  No, but calling them “animals” is racist.   I bet she’d change her opinion if she came upon a few of them in a dark alley; then again, she wouldn’t dare traverse such a place, nor need to.


It’s mind-boggling, really, how the Left sees things.  It’s like they’ve all had lobotomies in the part of the brain that deals with logic.  But they must know their approach to most issues won’t work; never has and never will, especially not the immigration debate.  Even the EU is coming together to examine the effects of rampant migrancy on their collective nations.  We do need the Wall, by golly, and new immigration laws, but Congress is too busy trying to pull their heads out of their asses to actually accomplish anything.  So I’ve come up with a solution, and this way TIME magazine can avoid flak over their deceptive covers, like the one featuring a young migrant crying in front of a stalwart Trump.  My idea?  Take those Central American masses, and maybe toss in the Mexicans, load ‘em on a bus, and send them up to Canada.  I’m sure Prime Minister Trudeau would welcome them with open arms.  This would resolve the problem, and people in Trump’s administration—such as Kirstjen Nielsen and Sarah Sanders—can enjoy dinner in peace, no longer shrinking from the unhinged public shamers who boot them from restaurants as they cry foul over the immigration debate.  Their conscience doesn’t like the idea of disallowing illegal immigrants, and yet they reproach the baker whose religious conscience told him he couldn’t bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.  The Left cannot understand the phrase “double standard,” and therefore plow forth in their flagrant indignation, pointing fingers and silencing ANYONE who stands in the way of their truly un-American agenda.